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Announcing the fund for Act development

September 21

To support the effort of hackers willing to improve Act, the French Perl Mongers have set up a fund for Act development, which will support Act hackathons and hackers over the world.


Act sources now available to Git Hub

July 19

Upon the request of many people, the repository has been migrated from Subversion to Git, and uploaded to GitHub:

The test conferences are already running over a clone from this repository.

New feature: proceedings page

July 15

Another feature that was requested, a proceedings page, to have all the talks in one page with their description and slides link. Available on all production sites.

New feature: timezone in the ICS export

July 14

As requested by for some users, the ICS export now include timezone information:

Anyone who meets Richard Clamp, please offer him a drink, because his module Data::ICal::TimeZone does all the ugly job.

New feature: Faces of conference

July 2

"Faces" is a page grouping the name and photo (if any) of all committed attendees. This is available for all conferences in production.


New properties in the iCalendar export

June 4

The iCal export now has a few new properties:


New translations: Slovak and Norwegian

September 2

Act supports two new languages, thanks to Jozef Kutej (Slovak) and Ole Bendik Kvisberg (Norwegian). This brings the total of supported languages to 15!

Act hosted one third of the first 100 Perl conferences

April 28

Philippe Bruhat (BooK) collated a list of all known grassroots Perl conferences. Act (created in 2004) hosted 34 of the 99 Perl conferences organized since 1999!

Counting only the conferences organized after Act was created, the ratio goes up to 44%. The world domination plan is coming along nicely... ;-)

Act in Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian

February 4

The addition of Unicode opened the way for non-latin based translations. In the last few months, we've seen the addition of Hebrew (Perl Workshop in Israel), Russian (Russian Perl Workshop), Ukrainian (Ukrainian Perl Workshop) and Belarusian (Belarusian Perl Workshop).

With YAPC::Asia, a Japanese translation is expected soon.


Act now uses Unicode in production

April 3

Act now fully supports Unicode. The production sites have all been converted to Unicode/UTF-8.

Hear! Hear! The path is clear for non latin-based translations...

Act interfaces with The Perl Foundation

March 27

Act now supports the Perl Foundation's online payment system. YAPC::NA 2007 is the first Act conference to benefit from this new interface.

Act at the first European Perl hackathon

February 2

Act will be one of the featured projects at the first European Perl hackathon, in Arnhem, Netherlands. Incidentaly, the website of the hackathon is hosted on Act. :-)

Act-related projects will include:

Act is now truly Open Source

January 26

After so many years of procrastination, we have finally sorted the licensing out, and decided to go with the classic dual Artistic/GPL license used by Perl.

The repository is now accessible read-only to everyone interested, at svn://svn.mongueurs.net/act/. There is also a SVN::Web interface at http://svnweb.mongueurs.net/Act/.