Online Payment

Act defers the actual purchasing to a third party through the use of pluggable backends targeting various online payment solutions.

Currently implemented backends are YEF, used by the YAPC::Europe Foundation, TPF, used by The Perl Foundation, and PayPal which targets PayPal merchant accounts. There's also a Fake backend which simulates a purchase for testing purposes.

The YEF and TPF online payment backends handle credit card payments. PayPal handles payment by credit card or via the customer's own PayPal account. Funds end up in the selected foundation's bank account, which then forwards them back to the organizers. Using either backend requires prior agreement between the organizers and the relevant foundation.


Free conference

If the conference is free of charge, configure payment thusly:

  type        = NONE

All payment related features will be disabled.

Conference using an online payment system

  open        = 1

Set open to 1 to enable, or to 0 to disable, the online payment system.


  open        = 1
  type        = YEF
  currency    = EUR

YEF currently accepts payments in euros.


TPF currently accepts payments in US dollars.

  open        = 1
  type        = TPF
  currency    = USD

Set open to 1 to enable, or to 0 to disable, the online payment system. type should be set to the appropriate backend: YEF, TPF or Fake.


PayPal currently accepts payments in the following currencies:

  USD U.S. Dollar
  AUD Australian Dollar
  CAD Canadian Dollar
  CZK Czech Koruna
  DKK Danish Krone
  EUR Euro
  HKD Hong Kong Dollar
  HUF Hungarian Forint
  NZD New Zealand Dollar
  NOK Norwegian Krone
  PLN Polish Zloty
  GBP Pound Sterling
  SGD Singapore Dollar
  SEK Swedish Krona
  CHF Swiss Franc
  JPY Yen

Configure your conference with the currency code for your PayPal account's primary currency. Act currently supports a single currency.

  open        = 1
  type        = PaypalFoo
  currency    = USD

The payment type (PaypalFoo) should be configured by your Act provider. See Act::Manual::Provider::Payment for more information.


Philippe Bruhat, Éric Cholet


This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.