Resources for developers

Subversion repository

Act source code is maintained in a Subversion repository. The repository is available for anonymous checkout at the following URL:


There are several different branches under act subtree in the repository. Development takes place in the trunk.


The stable branch is aimed at production sites hosting Act websites. Once changes to the trunk have been satisfactorily tested, project leaders merge them into the stable branch. This branch can be checkout at the following URL:


Subversion web site

A web-based view of the Subversion history is available at

Mailing lists

Discussions pertaining to Act development take place on the act-dev mailing list. You can subscribe to the act-dev list at the following URL:

Commit emails are sent to the act-cvs mailing list. Subscribe at the following URL:

RSS feeds

Changes can also be tracked by subscribing to RSS feeds:

All changes:

Changes to trunk:

Changes to the stable branch:


Act developers often hang out on irc:// (#act on


Philippe Bruhat, Éric Cholet


This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.